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Norwegian Safety Forum

Norwegian Safety Forum (NSF) is a national advocate for safety promotion and injury prevention, a hub for knowledge, information, and contacts and the National Centre for Safe Community work in Norway. It`s a non-profit membership-based organization cooperating with private, public, and voluntary organizations.

With partners from different parts of society, different sectors and disciplines the Norwegian Safety Forum has a unique position when it comes to gathering information, forming policies, and recommending best practice. The work is supported by the Ministry of Health and the major insurance companies, represented by Finance Norway

Local, National, and International

On national level the forum takes part in lobbying and forming national policies. On local level projects are carried out, experiences shared, and best practice formed. On international level the Safety Forum is part of European projects, professional networks and frequently contributes on international conferences.

Among the members and our partners, you`ll find: Directorate of Health, Directorate for Civil Protection, Public Roads Administration, counties, municipalities, universities, research institutes and NGOs.

Five lines of action

Most accidents are predictable and preventable. In cooperation with our members and collaborating partners we identify age groups, situations and areas that need special attention. The Safety Forum has five lines of action, and a counselling group of experts has been established for each line:

  • Child safety
  • Safety for elderly
  • Prevention of drowning
  • Work for better data
  • Safe Communities

A trusted partner

The Forum is a recognized partner in safety and a well-established meeting place with more than 35 years of experience from providing public information and initiating safety awareness campaigns and projects. NSF takes part in International networks and projects such as EuroSafe, European Child Safety Alliance, and the International Safe Community Network.

Want more information?

Read our brochure, Joint action for safety promotion and injury prevention, and a pathway for safer communities.

Eva Jakobson Vaagland is the Managing Director of the Norwegian Safety Forum, which is headquartered in Oslo.
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